Friday, January 7

Hargailah Sementara Masih Ada ,

Jangan bila dah tak ada baru nak terkinja-kinja kau menyesal.

If you loved someone, you couldn't let lies come between you. No matter what happened - even if you'd already lost each other forever, you owed each other the truth.
- Claudia Gray

Even though the truth is so hard to be accepted, but there is nothing sweeter than the truth itself.
- Fatin Athirah (keh keh)

(And I didn't know what is the relation between the quote above with the video clip from Sum 41 the best band ever and even with the title itself?).

Back to the tittle, appreciate people around you while they are still with you now. Appreciate people you love, your mom your dad your sisters brothers your family and even your friends and your lover. Appreciate people who loves you while they still having their love for you. Because once the love gone, you will be leaving in the darkest place ever. Say it that you are strong enough to stand the shit happened, but believe me, deep in your heart there is still a big space for the emptiness that you keep it yourself and yeah admit it, you are suffered.

Patah tumboh hilang berganti?

That might be true. But heyyy, is it that easy to replace something someone #kan tengah cakap pasal orang# that you love the most? And even if you got the pengganti sekalipon, it will never be the same. Bear it in mind.

But for certain condition i guess? Haha type punyalah macam confident tadi. Eh memang confident okayyy just need to consider the positive and negative sides. Tell me, if you met someone yang perangai macam haram, yang segala serbi perangai adalah macam haram lah, baik perempuan or lelaki memang tak ada baiknya lah, would you appreciate him or her till your last breathe?

My answer, oh please don't walaupon perbuatan anda itu adalah the noble deeds ever, the noble sacrifice ever even you will be in the hardest situation ever. Haa berapa banyak kali ever kau! That kind of situation biarkan patah tumboh hilang berganti. If tak boleh jugak than force yourself! Jangan jadik buta kerana cinta. WAHAHA.

Kau paham ke apa maksod yang aku nak sampaikan di sini? Tak paham pon buat-buat pahamlah.

But seriously, do appreciate someone/something while we are still alive/while they are still there for us.

p/s: the roses you gave me has faded, and wilted away (but I still keep it, eheh). But the loves tucked deep inside remains in my heart forever. Pergh, TERjiwang!

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