Sunday, September 23


... is the word i let living in my blood, running through my veins long time ago.

If i wanted something, no matter what i MUST get it, i MUST achieve it. no matter in certain time-frame or sooner or later.

But lately, i forgotten who i was. because of the surrounding, because of the hatred inside of me. because of everything i dislike, seriously turned me upside down, turned me into someone i don't really know. it was bizarre, so damn awkward. i was so fragile, and i knew the reasons why.

This time, i will always bear in mind, that i was once a strong person, and will always be a strong person. i am an eagle, and i will never change for the sake of my living.

It's not about the job, it's about the surrounding.
But i am a superladymarmalade and it's nothing.

And the word of DETERMINATION will always running in my veins as long as i am still alive.