Wednesday, April 21

'Guy Mysteries';

it's a boys and girls thing!

u can't stop guys from doing weird things, but now u know why they do them =P
so here, girls asked, guys answered!

1. 'why do guys constantly turn on football games but can't stand to let u watch five minutes of a chick flick?'

i hate chick flick bcoz they make girls yearn to live in a world that doesn't exist. these kinds of movies set unrealistic standards of how girls should look and the way guys should behave. football is different; the players' pain, and glory, are real! (AGREE!)

2. 'why do some guys scratch their "area" in public? it makes me cringe!'

we itch! scratching down there is a subconscious thing, like girls playing with their hair. we don't even realise we're doing it. =)) 'haha'

3. 'how can guys play video games for hours on end without getting bored?'

it's the same reason that girls can shop in the same store for hours, it's the drive to beat the game, or find the perfect shoes.

4. 'all guys seem to think pooping and farting are soooo awesome! why?? i don't get it!'

boys love talking about pooping and farting bcoz it grosses girls out. if u stopped screaming 'ewww!' every time, we'd stop thinking it was funny.

the mysteries, SOLVED!! =)

and guysss, kick-ass awesommme!! really adore that Mindy girl~ xP

Mindy the Hit Girl

just go and watch the movie yep for those yang belom tengok lagi. sangattt bessstt~

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