Wednesday, April 21

Failing With Success

kenegaraan tadi i just didn't know what had i answered~
then, the only thing i need to do, NOW, is, accepting the failure
(walaupon result masey belom tataw, but, sediakan payong sebelom hujan is the best thing to do)

kalau bercakap dengan psychiatrist sekalipon, they will tell u that one of the first signs of trouble is denial. kite da tak boley nak fix anything lagi da if kite refuse to accept that it is broken. once u have taken responsibility for the mistake, u da menang half of the battle bebeh!

semua perkara, or benda, has a sequence and some mistake may hurt more than others. tak salah to feel bad, or sad about the matter. just ingat yang jangan biarkan that matter keep u down forever. JANGAN okeh!

tak ade gune sitting there and menangis tak sudah mengenangkan perkara yang da jadik. once u have allowed urself time to mull over it, pick urself up and carik jalan to resolve situasi anda! every predicament has a way out. it may not be cara yang anda-anda semua suka or even the best way, but the point is, that u can work around it.

ready... ACTION!!

so sekarang anda dah ade jalan penyelesaian, act on it! anda mungkin memerlukan paksaan or dalam bahasa lainnye, 'push', so jangan malu-malu to tell ur closest friends what u're going through. we can't always make it through rough patches on our own, so make sure anda mendapat support yang membina.

tak ade yang lagi terok daripada mengulangi kesilapan yang kita dah pon buat over and over again. maturity isn't just marked by the acceptance of ur mistakes but also by ur growth daripada keseluruhan pengalaman yang dilalui =)

p/s: growing up seriously taught me about maturity. mistakes are a very good teachers but the thing is, never repeat them!

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