Tuesday, March 1

Super Loser

hey, it's March.

and mine started with a super bad dream that i'd no strength to overcome and even somehow it's funny though sebab ye lah, mimpi je lah bodoh. bukannya aku take port sangat pon actually but yet again, i tried all the best i can do just to smile. haha sounds stupid yeah it's stupid. T__T

because tell u guys what, when life gives u hundreds reasons to cry, show it that u have thousands reasons to smile. there's no need to cry.

i cried, and i would laughed so hard when i looked back for the reasons that i cried for. so better tak payah nak ngikotkan perasaan sangat la nanti kau yang jadik orang bodoh. heh. kan dah larik topik.

frankly, i hate March this time. hate like hell only God knows how i hate it. SUPER LOSER!

p/s: never tell your problems to anyone because 20% will never care and another 80% glad that u have them.

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