Saturday, March 12

I'm Not Blaming You.

maaflah, bulan 3 ni belog jadik diary lak. memang damn la kan.

secara warasnya, memang i'm not pointing any of my finger towards u. it should be me to be blamed. tp ego maha kuat cakap kat diri sendirik what i want is normal and it's a must, because u at the first place had been in my shoes right now.

u've tried. and u can't. i appreciate as u already tried. thanks. don't worry, if i still couldn't forgive u tonight, tomorrow i will. u already asked me for forgiveness, so i have to forgive u. and let just forget about those things i told u.

lambat pon takpe kot even it's not gonna be the same. but now, in my mind, it's better tak ada from ada. maybe because i want it for such a long time and now it's just another dream of mine which can't be fulfilled. it's hurt, seriously.

and i'll try to be ok. i can't promise but i'll try.


yeah, aku memang menangkan ego aku pada saat ini. tempah maut tahu?

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