Friday, February 25

Once The Intention Got Its Wrong Way

i was once create this blog just to have a place to blow things in my mind, without any thought for me to have the followers, tonnes of comments, a world wide readers and so on so forth. because, yeah, i write for my own. i write to less the burden in the stupid head, and yes i write to soothe the tousled heart.

but lately, when i was selected to join the community of bloggers, something is not going right. it make me think, what's with all of this craps?

virtual world isn't my choice. so i guess i'll quit from the group. truly sorry, but i have my own reasons, and the main one is because i didn't know most of the members. u might say by joining the group boleh mengeratkan silaturrahim kenal kenal and whatsoever. gathering meeting outing with the members aren't things that i'm gonna do even in the future, i'm so pretty sure. because i live in a real world where i have my own friends and my own life.

say that i'm sombong. yeah, sebab aku tak nak mencapab lebih lebih sangat. enough with this blog as a place i write craps, not as a place where i'm looking for friends, or for fans to be exact? yuckss~

by the way, for those who already followed this shitty blog, thanks a million. 40 for me is already a huge number. frankly, i didn't write for u guys, i just write for my own.


heh macam lah kau tuh orang penting sangat =,="
yup i'm not. but it's just, oh it's not my way lah aku tak obses pon dengan dunia belog ni.

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  1. hahahah...
    tlis la ap2 pn, ak tetap akn bce ;))