Thursday, September 2

you are a freak, gosh!!

guysss, malam yang syahdu ini, let me give you alls something lah. disebabkan i sedang belajar french sem ini for the preparation untuk fly to france (a'alamakkkkk engkauuu!!), so let me teach you some french. haaaa~ conversation only lah. grammar dia complicated sikit. i masukkan sikit-sikit aje mana yang patut orite.

okeh, in french, ada 6 huruf vocal. A, E, I, O, U and H. and there's no more J and G sounds. that's the intro. let's get started~ something common je la okeh!

(est ke zhe pe alle-ro tuailett?)
- can i go to the toilet?

bonjour! (bohn-zhuu) - good day! [for formal use]
salut! (sa-lew!) - hi! / bye! [for informal use-when meeting friends]
enchante! (awn-chan-te!) - nice to meet you!
au revoir! (ou-re-vwa) - goodbye!
comment vous vous appelez? (como voo voo zappele?) - what is your name?
je m'appelle ... (zhe mappelle ...) - my name is ...
quel age avez-vous? (kellage avay-voo?) - how old are you? [formal]
tu as quel age? (tew a kellage?) - how old are you [informal]
j'ai ... ans (zhay ... awn) - i am ... years old
comment allez-vous? (como tallay voo?) - how are you?
ca va (sah-vah) - i am fine
tres bien (treh bee-ahn) - very good
pas mal (pah-mahl) - not bad
mal (mahl) - bad
merci (megh-see) - thank you
merci beaucoup (megh -see boo-koo)- thanks a lot/thank you very much
de rien (de ree-ahn) - you are welcome
a bientot (a' bee-ohn-toh) - see you soon
bonne chance (bun shahns) - good luck
je vous aime (zhe voo zem) - i love you [for formal and plural]
je t'aime (zhe tem) - i love you [informal]

dalam french, kalau spelling ada -an-, -en-, -on-, akan jadik bunyik -ohn-
eg: attention. spelling sama dengan english. tapi pronounciation dia is,

and letter 'r' dia, sebot die macam 'agh' sikit. senang cerita dengung lah sikit.
eg: merci. kan dah jadik megh-see~

hokeh, sikit-sikit dolulah! mana-mana yang dirasakan patot sahaja dahulu okeh.
selamat belajar ye anda-anda semua =)

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