Thursday, December 9

One More To Go.

French Language
Structural Design
Construction Materials and Testing
Building Procurement
Landscape Design

yeah babayy, can u see how much more left for me?? one more yeah one more! truly cant wait for my holiday as most of u already started and ada some yang already get bored with their semester break right? demm i am so yesterday and aku tak jeles pon haha. takpe takpe tunggulah turn aku lak yang holiday sampai bosan.

but but but,
one more 'barrier' before i start my holiday after tomorrow's paper,


wooheehooo~ dah final year lah gila sem depan!

btw, very big congratulations to my seniors yang dah berjaya finished up this degree. may all of u will lead a better future after this. amin~ =)
and congrats jugak for those yang berjaya further master~

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