Saturday, December 11


haa teros sumbat kat title kau! untok menunjokkan bahawa i already succeed ridding the final for this sem eventhough landscape paper yesterday like soooo damn janji final dah habes. heh. holiday? nah not so fast. do not forget about the PSM's titles submission huu.

yesterday, was a girl's day out with the housemates. and the best part was, i watched rapunzel again, for the second time but still, i felt like watching it again! haa siapa lak yang aku nak ajak after this? and for the thing i just knew yesterday, the cinema in square one already provided 3D movies lah! dah seminggu akak counter cakap. waa awesome lah BP sekarang! heh. i was so eager to watch the 3D one, but have to considered the others so it's okay for me to watch yang biasa biasa pon janji i can watch it AGAIN! makkk dah addicted lah macam addicted movie the simpson sampai tengok tiap tiap hari pon aku boleh gelak macam belom tengok lagi. addicted!

eksaited terlebih.

gila ke? TAK lah! normal je. just addicted!

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