Saturday, January 5


it's the first weekend im staying here going nowhere. bored like hell but kinda relax though. last night after arrived home after few frustrated incidents, i was sleeping like a dead people -- not even changed what worn and not even cleaned up the make up. its so soooooothing u should try sometimes. hiks.

because im no longer possess a twitter account so i decided to turn back blogging. people like me, who always got lots of things stuck in the mind HAVE to rant onto things like this, i mean blog twitter fb etc etc. and its not for seeking attention somehow i only need to burst out things. kinda like the thought of diary-ing this blog. gosh.

for the exact thing i know which im writing for no one as no one will ever read all my rambling shits, i still need to write. and seriously i dont know for what. my writing have no focus which i will write write write without knowing the story line, the climax, the ending and yes im only write for myself. because its my writing.

and i dont care. i dont give a fuck.

8 months being employed. Alhamdulillah. since im still young, possess the might, have the time, i will all out my life working with no concerns of going home late et al. with all my might, In Shaa Allah.

2013, and im still 22. forever 22. because 22 is the maximum limit, cannot exceed the max bound weehee.

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