Thursday, January 3

Hi 2013

well, since i'm home early today so it's good to rant about some things here.

2012 meant a lot. lots of lot. it was the year which everything happened in once. i finished my study, joined GEMS for two months in Mersing -- got to know more friends, lots of new things, so called like the introduction for my careered life, been a QS in Eng Han for about three months, experienced a new working environment when i moved to DDS in August, Ilham's convocation, my own convocation -- the best of the best memories ever since families, love of my life and friends were all in one occasion, not to forget the wedding of Nadia and Zulhilmi, and the best birthday present ever as Ilham came to Terengganu for the wedding, the precious gift so far.

seriously, lots of things. sweet things bad things altogether making memories of 2012 will not be left forgotten.

and as today is already the 3rd day of 2013, i would like to say it's ain't easy to do a business. required patience and hard works. but the most important part is to never give up. why? because i already started a business which i sell clothes. this is a part of my wish in 2012 back then and Alhamdulillah, fulfilled even it took quite a long time. but hey, it's worth the wait anyway =)

till rant again next time. seriously my english is getting 'poorer' as working around all those chinese making me add the 'lah' for every conversation i made. even with the Caucasian the 'lah' still happened. very the zzzz.

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