Thursday, August 18


i guess i'm back to myself now. i'm now the past Fatin Athirah hihi. memang ada self-confused disorder pon for a while. even still not fully recovered, baru jejak 30% but i know i'll succeed.

what i miss the most is she never butt into other's matters, and never keep holding grudge sebab selalu tanam dalam kepala lantak kau lah nak buat apa janji aku happy. while the worst part is, the real Fatin Athirah is someone yang cakap main taram je & u might get hurt.

if u want the best, u have to tahan with the worst lah kan?

never mind. this might sounds creepy but yeah, i miss me.

semoga cepat fully recovered with this self-confused disorder. sebab bila pikir balek dah macam mental disorder syndrome dah. psychomaniac.


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