Wednesday, April 4


it's good for me when i'm in the mood to write. yeah, that's my intro, pretty obvious. and it's lame. hell yeah.

i succeed undergone my training in mersing for 2 months. and now i'm home for 2 days. frankly, staying home doing nothing is suck. mersing is kinda awesome, i guessed. as i gained a lot of things especially weight. eating 5 times daily, totally fucked up =="

procrastinating, instead of editing my CV, here i am, writing for no one.

nowadays, as i grown 'younger' , there's so many things i hate. but the most annoying things will always be girls around me. i can't stand desperados. i mean, who can? c'mon, get a life bi-atch~ acting cute here and there, beautiful everywhere, is just plastic because bitches will always be bitches. bimbos are okay because eventhough they are stupid, but at least they are pretty. gosh i can't believe i wrote that, cut the crap.

but bitches?
u are annoying. u are desperate for men to pop out in your life. u are an attention whore. u act like u are the meanest girl ever but yet, u are just totally vulnerable inside. u said bad things about others but when it comes to u, u don't do acceptance. u think u are the best but it's not. u are far away from pretty and yes, u are stupid. u are just a pathetic plastic.

that is my definition for bitches.

i'm not pointing my finger to anyone. but this happened when u're too selfish to give another girl a glance. because for u bitches, u're the only one who play the games and yes, the only one who gonna win the game. to hell with that because girls don't play games. only bitches do. so u're just trying to win for nothing.

just be cool. don't chase for every man to be part of ur life. don't seduce your friends. be strong inside and the most important thing is, don't be so desperate. believe in God. when the comes, u'll be showered with happiness and love. pray to God.

past 3 years and half was a long period to me. and seriously i couldn't stand this kind of creature. but i learned a lot from that. apart of she needed a boyfriend so badly (yeah seriously she did everything stupid just to have a boyfriend), she just a normal girl when she didn't care about what she felt. but unfortunately, she thought a lot about what will happened next. she didn't dare to just follow the flow of living and yeah, she was one of the bitches who always create fake stories about herself, just to make every guy attracted to her. pathetic.
oh demmit, now i am pointing to somebody. but hey, it's not like she 's the only one teehee.

anyway, ne vous inquietez pas. Dieu a promis tout le monde avec bonheur dans leur vie. ce que vous devez faire est simple, dare to play ignorance.


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