Wednesday, October 26

Bags For Sale.

brand new one. first come first serve. affordable price, seriously.

yellow briefcase

*(market price: MYR 60-70)
tali adjustable nak panjang ke pendek.
very nice sebab sangat in dengan style skrg. geek & stylo.
sesuai untok bawak ke kelas.
i recommend this one teehee.

turquoise sling bag

*(market price: MYR 40-50)
tali adjustable nak panjang ke pendek.

kalau berkenan, or if u have any inquiries, email me at
*do take note that the market price stated is not the price i'm selling. harga i waaaaay cheaper than the market okay.

FREE postage for UTHM's student. pick-up station: McD Parit Raja.


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