Monday, March 29


traditionally, smart women have always been portrayed as loners, with too many cats and heavily rimmed glasses.

yeah, it's true. most of the time, the women who men salivate over are lauded for their physical attributes; their intelligence is almost a novelty.

natalie portman
she's beautiful. but the fact that she has a psychology degree from Harvard is treated as a mere footnote to her look.

it's hard to think smart and sexy aren't mutually exclusives when it comes to women if, traditionally, there' always been a divide between the two. if this weren't the case, every ugly duckling makeover in teen flicks wouldn't involve a nerdy girl takin out her ponytail and tossing away her glasses. in that magical art, she becomes 'sexy'.

women have been portrayed as empty status symbols and decorative objects of male desire: think the sexy babe in luxury-car advertising.and women have responded to this systematic objectification by striving to fashion themselves as carbon copies of the imagined object of male desire.
so if we think men don't find intellect arousing, then why even bother showing them our brainy sides?

first of all, things are starting to change for the better. women's movement and several ways of feminism over the past century have finally had some lasting effects. the result is that women can now challenge the notion of what is 'sexy' and change the perception that a smart women is the quiet, shy girl, hiding behind her glasses. she is, in fact, much more than that.

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