Monday, March 29

Making Him Ur UNIVERSE

u say: this weekend i thought it would be really nice for us to just hang out with each other, maybe see a film and have a romantic dinner on saturday night.
he says: sorry, i can't. i've got lotsa works on saturday and then i've got a club meeting on sunday afternoon, hockey on the evening. plus i need to prepare for my presentation on monday.

the problem;
u have made him the center of ur world. but because he hasn't done the same u've started to feel like u'r giving more to the relationship than he is. he has kept up his sporting interests and other hobbies which give him enjoyment and bring him back to u feeling fresh and good about himself. by contrast, u have dropped most of ur interests and have tried to pick up some of his eventhough u find them a bit of a snore-fest. the more u mould ur interests to suit his tastes the more u seem kind of needy. the thing is, he fell for u of who u r. so if u make urself over to be like him then u may be changing some of the very aspects of urself then he was so attracted to in the 1st place.

play it cool;
think a little like u'r still single. get back on the netball or indoor soccer team and start going to dance classes again. meet ur bestie once a week to see a fim. often women get in habit adopting their partner's like because they want approval. mistakenly, u think that differences of opinion or taste may mean u'r not really soulmates. in fact, differing tastes, values and attitudes are healthy sign of emotional vitality and they keep thing fresh and interesting.

'if u love someting set it free.
if it comes back it is urs.
if it doesn't, it never was'


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