Wednesday, February 12


this is a very simple hi.

heart is singing a very sad song. im so sensitive lately, so fragile, so vulnerable, easily broken.

well, till to date, i haven't received any call. and i don't know whether to lose hope or to stay put hoping that someday it will come. because im literally tired waiting.

and yes, another thing is, im no longer happy. im not happy with everything. this is a very very very serious case to me which is, i need to overcome this soonest as i can. but, since i haven't receive any call therefore i have no solutions.

next, uhm yes im finally engaged. and it's a good feeling when people keep complimenting my engagement ring muahaha.

i wanna migrate. somebody, please kidnap me and bring me to paris. please kidnap my fiance too and bring him with me. please.

i dont need twtsecretsmy to confess. luckily, i have an abandoned blog.


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